Meet Me in Istanbul book. Read 31 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Adventure thriller set in Turkey. Tom Smith flies to Istanbul t. Meet Me in Istanbul. Richard Chisholm. A exercise and. MACMILLAN READERS with extra audio CD. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Meet Me in Istanbul. Look inside this book. Richard Chisholm. Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Ltd; Genre: Adventure, Crime; Level: Intermediate. eBook and.

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    Meet Me In Istanbul Book

    Meet Me in Istanbul (Heinemann Guided Readers) [Richard Chisholm, John Milne] Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers. So I can't come to the airport to meet you, but you can take a taxi from the Air Terminal to Taksim Square. That's in the centre of the new part of the city. This week I read a mystery book "Meet Me in Istanbul". The book was very suspenseful and exciting and I really enjoyed reading it. I'll write the.

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    When he is outside again, he calls Kemal.

    Kemal believes Tom when he says that he saw Angela yesterday. First they went to the place where he had seen her. And after that they go the British consulate in Istanbul.

    Also there they tell him that Angela is dead and they advise him to go back to London. When he is with Kemal again, he tells the whole story.

    Kemal wants Tom to think carefully before he wants to make decisions. They go to the palace gardens in Istanbul to think and sort of relax.

    When they start walking again Kemal finds out that a man is following them. He says Tom to not look back and walk quickly. She wants to meet him at the American bar in the Park hotel.

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    He wants to tell Kemal about it but when he tries to call him the phone gives no answer. When he meets her, she tells him everything she knows about the strange things that had happen the past time. After his conversation with her he goes to Kemal. They decide to follow Dunya to his home and try to find out what has happened to Angela.

    They find out that Dunya is a drugs dealer and a smuggler. Tom drops something and the men in the office hear it.

    Meet Me in Istanbul

    They try to get away but it is to late. The men want to take them into the house but the police shows up and Dunya and his men got caught. Tom left Mr. He got a card with 2 telephone numbers, one from Mr. That day he phoned Kemal and when they met, Tom told him everything that was happened. Kemal asked where he had seen Angela and they drove to the building were Angela went in.

    In the building there were a dentist, a lawyer and a doctor. When they had lunch they went to the Consulate where Tom told the whole story again. Tom and Kemal left the building and Tom told Kemal that he had plans to leave Istanbul. But Kemal was against it, he said that Tom should relax first before he went home. When they walked into a park Kemal said they should walk a bit faster, because someone was following them.

    They split op and decided to phone each other that evening.

    Tom took a taxi to his hotel. Tom thought it was Kemal but it was a women, and she wanted to meet Tom. When they met she said her name was Julie and she knew a lot about Angela. She told Tom Angela enjoyed her work and all the other things she did. But after a while Angela was acting a bit strange. When Angela was having a lunch with Julie suddenly Mr.

    Angela looked as if she was scared of him. Tom told what he had seen, and where. Tom decided to search for Angela now he knows that she is still alive. Julie told him to be careful and left. The next day Tom met Kemal and they made up a plan to get rid of the guy who was following him.

    They knew now that the man was a man of Mr. Tom went to the airport knowing the man was following him, he checked in and in front of the entrance of the gate to the airplane, there was a crowd and in the crowd the man lost sight of Tom, and Tom hid in the toilets.

    After the plane left the man thought Tom was on the plane, so he left. After a while Tom gets out of the toilets and went to Kemal's place, they decided to follow Mr. Tom gets a wig and a fake mustache, to make sure that Mr. When they were at Kemals place they decided that Angela must have been worried about something on her work, so they must search trough Mr.

    Meet Me in Istanbul: Intermediate Level (with audio)

    When Mr. When they brought the box inside the workshop, Kemals brother called to Mr. Kemal checked the store out and noticed a low wall in the courtyard. Kemal and Tom drove back and in his hotel they decided to break in the courtyard.

    That evening when it was dark and they went to the alley were the wall was, they climb on it and saw that they have split the ornaments and put little bags of drugs in it. On that moment Tom knocked against a wooden plank on the floor and that made a lot of noise. A few seconds later they were caught.