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I needed to know what happened to Cassie - did she really get her happy ever after, after divorcing ex-husband Gil? So when I was asked to be part of the blog tour by Katie at Panmacmillan I jumped at the chance. With Christmas at Tiffany's Karen Swan had created characters that were solid and well rounded, surrounding Cassie with a friendship circle that bounced off each other, each with different chara When I heard Karen Swan had written a sequel to Christmas at Tiffany's I just had to read it. With Christmas at Tiffany's Karen Swan had created characters that were solid and well rounded, surrounding Cassie with a friendship circle that bounced off each other, each with different characteristics that fully complimented each other. The beauty about reading a sequel is that we have already been introduced to the main players and in such a way that they seem like old friends, making the transition into a new novel easy. There is always the worry that a second book isn't going to be quite as good as the first, especially when the first was such a big success but, for me, this was equally as good - I loved it. The love and respect that Cassie and Henry, the main characters in this book, share literally oozes out of the pages, yet somehow Cassie is holding back, her disastrous first marriage is having a damaging effect on her relationship, she just cannot seem to take that final step into a full commitment and it's this that is to the detriment of her relationship with Henry. Cassie comes across as a confident person, in control and resilient. She has built a strong wall of protection around herself with her friends, relationship and job which allows her to feel this way. But, everything is shook to the core and Cassie literally crumbles whenever talk turns to making that final commitment and tying the knot - nobody can understand her hesitation, least of all Henry and his patience is running out fast. The opposite is the case for Henry's twenty one year old, wayward cousin Gem. She has arrived back in the UK from a couple of years travelling with a tanned, blonde surfer dude hellbent on tying the knot asap. Her whole energy and outlook to life lights up the room and it's this that seems to zap the energy from Cassie, she feels dull and insignificant in comparison. I loved the exploration of relationships in this book. Cassie has doubts about her own relationship, founded on her past mistakes and it's this experience she feels qualifies her to advice Gem - not wanting her to jump headlong into a long term commitment when she can spot all is not as perfect as Gem thinks.

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Get a Simplicity 20 Dehumidifier Manual Karel Jonas. Appliance manuals Here are quick links to some popular Coby Digital Machine is Ready to go. John Deere Her descriptions are incredibly vivid, no matter is she describes the settings or feelings, or people, and she has this talent to bring all her characters to life.

It is truly great summer read, and as I've read it during this incredible heatwave this year, the only thing I was missing was a glass of cooled fizz. This is a brilliant, captivating and hooking story and I'm sure that you're going to like it as much as I did, or even more. Highly recommended! Copy received from publisher in exchange for a review. I'm going to miss these characters, they made me laugh and cry and felt like my own group of friends!

I'm sad it's over but it's just another amazing book to add to my Karen Swan obsession! Summer at Tiffany's is my first Karen Swan book. I did want to read Christmas at Tiffany's beforehand to get the backstory of our main characters but this book can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.

Some of my fellow bloggers speak very highly of Karen's books so I went into Summer at Tiffany's with high expectations. Cassie and Henry are due to get married and with a Tiffany ring on her finger all that's left is for Cassie to plan her dream wedding. But it's actually Henry who is pushing for a date, with Cassie appearing quite reticent and not wanting to plan the wedding at all, not sure if she ever wants to get married.

Somebody who does want to get married is Henry's young cousin, Gem and it's down to Cassie to head to Cornwall to prevent that wedding from going ahead, while Henry goes off on a sailing expedition, things between him and Cassie being more than a little strained when he leaves. Cassie's arrival in Cornwall isn't without its problems or drama and she is soon forced to make some life changing decisions.

Summer at Tiffany's is a hefty read, but Karen Swan really does keep the story going on every single page. I was never bored because of the really strong characterisation and, as the story progresses, drama that Karen fills the story with. I very quickly saw the characters as real people, and found myself becoming caught up in their lives, as everything began to unfold. I think what I liked the most was how 'real' the story felt, rather than the predictable 'let's fall in love, get married and live happily ever after' we actually see Cassie, and her relationship with Henry as anything but perfect.

Life after the engagement soon bringing them both crashing down to Earth, them having to contend with the stresses and strains of everyday life. I can't relate to Cassie personally myself, but I think she's a character that some people will really be able to relate to and understand, especially those who might have found themselves in a similar situation.

It's hard to talk about the story or the characters too much but I liked how we had Gem, eager to get married, and Cassie, not so eager and having to somehow make Gem understand that rushing into things might not always be the best decision you could make. And Cassie is speaking from experience after all.

At the same time though I think Cassie discovers so much more about herself through being with Gem, and being in Cornwall with such a varied mixture of characters, especially the return of a very familiar face from her past. Say no more. The friendships between the characters was a particular highlight of the book. Despite all that was going on, I loved the settings in this book, Karen has created such wonderful settings for the story to take place, almost transporting you there yourself.

For parts of the book I can't talk all that much about, Karen has done some great research, and she mentions something in the book which I have since read more about online and Henry's expeditions allow for some quite dramatic events to take place.

All in all I very much enjoyed Summer at Tiffany's and especially liked that it could have ended in a number of ways.

I hope it won't be too long before I am reading another of Karen's books. I really liked this book. I probably should have given it four stars instead of three. This is my second Karen Swan book, however I think I might have to start adding more of her books to my list. It was just such a good story. So much drama, but drama that is like real life. Nothing seems way out there, it is all so realistic. The characters are so likeable.

But she finally came to her senses! I felt like the ending was rushed a tiny bit though. It definitely left room for there to be a third one in this series.

I found myself wanting to know more of what happened in the end. When my book buddy and I went on a quest to read all chick-lit christmas stories last Dec. Long book, but worth every page. Karen, is there a 3?! However, I still loved it! I stopped reading it because of this logic: I know.

My friend was telling me she was frustrated with me, I'm sure "keep reading it" over and over again. A few days ago I picked it up again - and finished it! Thank god!!!!!

I understood Cassie and why she was not sure she wanted to get married, I totally did, but at the same time, I understood why Henry wanted to get married.

My feelings when she was actually considering getting back together with Luke were just When Cassie fixed the wedding at the end, sooooooooooooo sweet - it was her time to show Henry how much she loved him because I mean, he had been in love with her forever and DID show it all the time.

Just, there are no words. The ending was really my favorite part.

Besides the last 50 pages I thought the characters just sounded like crotchety middle-aged woman who I wanted to slap. Cassie turned into an even larger push over and Suzi turned into a bully. I realized in the first novel you don't get to delve into Suzi which is probably what made it so enjoyable, because her character is insufferable. I give up. So utterly predictable.

I reached Chapter 24 and can't take it anymore. It was actually putting me off reading as I would rather browse the net than continue with this book. Next book please! No plot, couldn't bring myself to finish it! Possibly because I hadn't read the previous book which is my own mistake..

WOW what a fantastic continuation to Christmas at Tiffany's. I adored the first book and was really excited to read this book when I realised it was available. I was not disappointed at all, all my favourite characters, just as vibrant and loving as before. You do need to have read Christmas at Tiffany's first though, so you know the background to all the characters. Cassie and Henry are together at last and happy living in their little London flat.

What everyone wants to know is when is the big day, including Henry. The story unravels from there with twists and turns, past loves and upsets adding complications. This is a wonderful story and I loved every minute.

I had tears in my eyes at the conclusion. A definite must read if you have read and loved A Christmas at Tiffany's.

Ammetto che questo secondo romanzo della serie "At Tiffany's" mi abbia appassionato un po' meno del primo. I kinda knew how the story was going to play out, but I wasn't expecting a number of things that happened at the beginning of the book. Broke my heart a bit.

There were a few "twists" throughout the book, didn't see them coming. There were a couple of times I was like "Oh no", "This is not happening". While consistent with Karen Swam's books that it was an easy read, kept me entertained, and I wanted to finish, the feminist side of me was slightly disappointed by the ending.

Maria Harding: Read Quell Estate Da Tiffany (eNewton Narrativa) PDF

I felt that all the change and growth Cassie has done in the first book Christmas at Tiffany's had been undone in this book. Literary crap. I can't believe people actually rated it with 4 stars. Only read it because I was on vacation and there was nothing else to read. You are almost-married. You have the most-adorable boyfriend in the world. Except, no matter how many times your friends, family are persisting you set a date, you are not ready to get married yet. You were once married.

The same age you were before you got married. Would she make a mistake similar to yours? This wedding cannot happen. Except your boyfriend has noticed your insecurities, and eavesdropped on all your arguments with his cousin marriage.

You have three months to set a date for the wedding. Cassie's life summed up for your delight. But this is my third title from Karen Swan, and as with every author I love, I jump into their latest without reading the blurb. So you could tell my surprise when I found out there was already a prequel. What with a storyline continued from where a previous title left off? Except, I really, very much loved it because of its ability to adapt as a standalone novel!

Summer, commitment issues, wrecking weddings, heart attacks, English summer adventures—a star to the storyline!

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Cassie is amazing, rhymes with Carrie and could also be likened to the iconic lead character of Sex and The City. A star. There's Suze and Arch—our lead's boyfriend's sister and her husband, they are my favorite couple in the book! You'd love Suze for her tendency to be overprotective of her husband, and her deprecating wisecracks against him.

You'd also love Arch for his tendency to rebel against his wife's orders There's Kelly, the elegant all-black New Yorker friend hiding news about her pregnancy. There's also Anouk, the hard-hearted Parisian friend who'd kill our lead if she steps out not looking perfect enough. Luke, is the ex boyfriend who seems to have moved-on and causing our lead headaches. Theres's Gem, the cousin who's all about giving yoga lessons for the troubled when she isn't exactly Zen with a Capital 'Z' as she claims.

Lovely characters. Ooh, there's also the appearance of Cold Play. Unlike her previous releases, there was no brow-lifting mystery in this title. I was a bit disappointed. There was mystery all right, but it would have been nice to have some mystery not entangled with the romantic plot as with her previous titles.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a summer-title laden with lots of girl-fun! Also if you loved Christmas at Tiffany's, then I'm very much sure this would be a winner to you too because who doesn't love a reappearance of characters they adored!

Recensione presente nel blog www. Il giovane inizia a vedere la relazione con occhi diversi, infatti vorrebbe fare di lei sua moglie, tuttavia la fanciulla, ancora troppo scossa dalla fine del matrimonio con Gil, sembra non pensarla allo stesso modo. Ebbene, durante la lettura spesso ho scosso la testa, incredula. In questo secondo capitolo appare insicura, quasi infantile. Il coinvolgimento emotivo del lettore risente fortemente del ritmo della narrazione.

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One of the best things about Karen Swan is that she writes such believable, beautifully flawed characters. I was able to attach an imaginary face to every single person in this story and after closing this book I know I'll still be thinking of them fondly even Gem!

I had thought this book would feature more of Henry and Cassie but it was not to be. I realize that the Tiffany series would always be centered around Cassie and her best friends. Having said that, I was a little disappointed to see little of Anouk and Kelly. I also wished Henry didn't have to go and disappear at the start and pop out at the end.

Summer at Tiffany's

The whole 'let's sabotage Gem's wedding' idea was childish and frankly speaking, Suzy got on my nerves a few times for being such a wet blanket to Gem. To me, anyone who practises yoga can't be all that bad ; I like the mini revelation about why Suzy dislikes Gem so much. Onward to Luke. I totally didn't expect him to resurface. I remembered I was pissed for Cassie when he published those nude photos of her in Paris. The Luke in this story seemed so much milder yet still wildly romantic.

It's hard to hate him. The bulk of the time Cassie spent in Cornwall, Luke was there.